5 Tips for Windshield Care

>Windshields are one of the top priorities of car owners when it comes to maintenance. Taking good care of your windshield doesn’t only make your car look excellent, it helps you to drive safely as well. In times of impact, windshields prevent the roof of your cars from caving in every passenger inside. Also, they secure the airbag system to protect you from impact.

Now that you know why windshields are important, you wouldn’t want to compromise safety due to improper maintenance. Below are a list of tips to consider to properly maintain your windshields.

1. If you notice cracks or chips in your glass, have it repaired immediately. Trash, pebbles and sand particles can fracture the glass and cause dings which, if left unattended, can turn into bigger cracks. Regular windshield check-up is even advisable. Time is not your friend here, so locate your nearest shop now or call this number 800-300-8884.

2. Avoid slamming of doors. Slamming of doors causes intense vibrations to the windshield. Also, those little dings on your windshields can spread everytime vibration builds up when doors are slammed.

3. Avoid parking where your windshield can be directly hit by sunlight. Long exposure to direct sunlight shortens the life of your windshield. Also, those little cracks may get worse if there is a considerable temperature difference on either side of the windshield. So chose cool, shady places for parking.

4.For cleaning, avoid ammonia-containing glass cleaners. Ammonia-based cleaners are dangerous if inhaled and may destroy the tint. A weekly wipe of vinegar or alcohol is sufficient. Also, use microfiber or cotton towels. They are extraordinarily absorbent and do not leave streaks and dust behind after clean-up.

5.Don’t forget the wipers. A lot of scratch on the windshield comes from sand particles and dirt from the wipers, so it is necessary that these should be checked and properly cleaned. Use a rag with a windshield fluid washer. Rub these along the blades to remove dust, sand particles and other contaminants.

Stick to these tips to keep your windshield in good condition throughout the lifespan of your car. Remember, when it comes to windshield maintenance, time is not your friend. As soon as you notice cracks or vibrations, do not attempt to fix it yourself or else things will just get worse. Visit the nearest Glass Masters shop immediately to take care of your windshield concerns.

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